Brinzolamide ophthalmic suspension

Teva Pharma launch Brinzolamide Ophthalmic Susp

Teva Pharmaceuticals launches Brinzolamide ophthalmic suspension in the US market.

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On 9 March 2021, Indoco Remedies announced the launch of an ophthalmic suspension by Teva Pharmaceuticals. This suspension is used for the treatment of elevated intraocular pressure in patients with ocular hypertension. It is also used to treat open–angle glaucoma in the United States. 1

Eye drops -Brinzolamide

This product is called Brinzolamide ophthalmic suspension ( 1 percent ). It is the generic version of Azopt ophthalmic suspension. Brinzolamide ophthalmic suspension is developed and manufactured by the Indoco Remedies- Goa facility for Teva pharma.

This ophthalmic suspension works by reducing the amount of fluid in the eye. Brinzolamide ophthalmic suspension 1 percent is the first – to – market a generic version of Azopt in the United States. Indoco Remedies is excited about this and hopes to secure approvals from the US regulator for other complex generic products in the future.

Indoco is headquartered in Mumbai, India, and employs over 5.500 employees. It has around nine manufacturing facilities, and its presence covers over 55 countries.

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