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Pfizer COVID – 19 vaccine in India Update

Pfizer has no plans to manufacture its COVID – 19 vaccine in India and keep the supply lines limited to the US and Europe:

Pfizer has recently made an announcement regarding its vaccine production on 11 March 2021. It stated that it does not plan to manufacture the COVID – 19 vaccine in India during this pandemic. It also expressed its desire to keep the supply lines limited to the US and Europe. 1

Pfizer COVID –19 vaccine: The background check

Per media reports, the pharma company told the Indian government on 10 March 2021 about its decision to manufacture the vaccines locally. This, however, will happen if it gets faster regulator clearance and freedom on pricing and exports.

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Pfizer has established two dedicated supply lines for the vaccine till now. One is in the United States, and the other is in Europe. These lines are for the exclusive manufacturing of vaccines for use across the globe. The company announced that this would be its supply strategy, and it has no plans to expand this for now.

However, Pfizer plans to explore other opportunities once the pandemic phase is over. Pfizer and BioNTech also announced that its vaccine is 94 % effective in preventing asymptomatic infections. This is based on the data from Israel and was declared on 10 March 2021. These results imply that the vaccine can reduce the transmission of the virus. It also revealed that unvaccinated individuals were 44 times more likely to develop symptomatic COVID – 19. Similarly, these individuals were 29 times more likely to die from the disease than the vaccinated individuals.

Pfizer is the first company to apply for regulatory approval in India for Pfizer COVID –19 vaccine. However, the country’s drug regulator had requested the company to conduct clinical studies on the Indian population. India put this request forth to establish the vaccine’s safety and immune response. But, Pfizer pulled out its application on receiving this response.

The company plans to ensure equitable and affordable access to its COVID – 19 vaccine to everyone globally, including in India. Read COVID Vaccination Program in India.

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