NOSMOK nicotine lozenges

JB Chemicals launches NOSMOK nicotine lozenges

JB Chemicals & Pharma launches NOSMOK nicotine lozenges to help with smoking cessation :

On 31 May 2021, JB Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals launched medicated nicotine lozenges. An artificial intelligence-enabled chatbot called ‘Dr. Will’ was also launched alongside this product. [1]

The drug makers used the occasion of the “World No Tobacco Day” for the launch. It revealed that this was done to encourage and support tobacco smokers to quit smoking.

NOSMOK nicotine lozenges help in the tobacco cessation journey by reducing the urge to consume or smoke tobacco. It also curbs the psychomotor withdrawal symptoms and helps to quit smoking.

The NOSMOK nicotine lozenges (medicated lozenges) are mint – flavored and available as sugar – based and sugar – free variants in 2 mg and 4 mg strengths.

As per the company, a successful tobacco cessation initiative requires both nicotine replacement therapy and patient education. JB Chemicals also stated that supporting the patient throughout the journey to quit smoking also helps break the habit. The company drew these conclusions based on a study sanctioned by the drug firm.

JB Chemicals firmly believes that these two products will help tobacco users and smokers to emerge tobacco – free.

India’s death burden due to tobacco usage is unacceptably high. The economic costs due to tobacco smoking are also exorbitant, making it critical to address this issue. Over 55 % of tobacco users are willing to quit all forms of tobacco, although this remains a challenge.

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