Sodium Stibogluconate

Sodium Stibogluconate- Drug Detail Profile

Category of DrugSodium Stibogluconate is an Anti-Infectives
Mechanism of Action 
Indications Sodium Stibogluconate is used for
1. Leishmaniasis
2. Kala-azar
Well Known
Pharmaceutical Brands
Available dosage forms INJECTION
Contraindications 1. Severe kidney disorders
2. lactation
Precautions 1. Provide a protein-rich diet throughout
treatment and, if possible, correct iron and
other nutritional deficiencies
2. Renal and hepatic impairment
3. Monitor cardiac
4. Renal and hepatic function-reduce dose or withdraw treatment if abnormalities occur
5. Pregnancy- in potentially fatal visceral leishmaniasis
6. Treat without delay
7. Intravenous injections must be given slowly over 5 min
Adverse Effects1. Anorexia
2. Nausea
3. Vomiting
4. Abdominal pain
5. ECG changes
6. Headache
7. Lethargy
8. Myalgia
9. Raised liver enzymes
10. Renal function impairment
11. Coughing and substernal pain
Pregnancy Category 

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