Pentamidine- Drug Detail Profile

Category of DrugPentamidine is an Anti-Infectives
Mechanism of Action 
Indications Pentamidine is used for
1. Leishmaniasis
2. African trypanosomiasis
3. Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia
Well Known
Pharmaceutical Brands
Available dosage formsINJECTION 
Contraindications Severe renal impairment.
Precautions 1. Risk of severe hypotension following administration
2. Monitor blood pressure during administration and treatment period
3. Hypertension
4. Hypoglycaemia or hyperglycaemia
5. Hepatic impairment
6. Leukopenia
7. Thrombocytopenia
8. Anaemia
9. immunodeficiency-if acute deterioration in bone marrow
10. Renal or pancreatic function
11. Interrupt or discontinue treatment
Adverse Effects 1. Nephrotoxicity
2. Acute hypotension-with dizziness
3. Headache
4. Breathlessness
5. Tachycardia and syncope following rapid
intravenous injection
6. Hypoglycaemia- may be followed by hyperglycaemia and type I diabetes mellitus
7. Hallucinations
8. Arrhythmias
9. Thrombocytopenia
10. Leukopenia
11. Abnormal liver function tests
Pregnancy Category C

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