Sodium Nitrite

Sodium Nitrite-Indications, Dosage, Contraindications, ADRs

Category of Drug Sodium Nitrite is used Antidotes and Substances Used in Poisoning.
Mechanism of Action 
IndicationsSodium Nitrite is used for Cyanide poisoning
Well Known
Pharmaceutical Brands
Available dosage forms INJECTION
Contraindications1. Methaemoglobinaemia
2. Hemolytic anaemia
3. G-6-PD deficiency
Precautions1. Monitor plasma methaemoglobin levels
2. Severe cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease
3. Hypotension
4. Pregnancy
Adverse Effects1. Nausea
2. Vomiting and abdominal pain
3. Vasodilation resulting in syncope
4. Hypotension
5. Tachycardia
6. Flushing
7. Headache
8. Methaemoglobinaemia
9. Cyanosis
10. Dyspnoea
11. Tachypnoea
Pregnancy Category 

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