Posaconazole Delayed-release tablets

USFDA approves Lupin’s Posaconazole tablets

Lupin’s Posaconazole Delayed-release tablets launched into the market after receiving approval from the USFDA :

Lupin’s Posaconazole Delayed-release

On 17 February 2021, Lupin Limited announced the launch of Posaconazole delayed–release tablets in the United States. This tablet is marketed at the dose of 100 mg. The approval for the ANDA[1] product from the USFDA[2] was secured by the pharma company’s alliance partner. This alliance partner is a part of the Tiefenbacher Group and is called AET Pharma US[3] Inc.

This delayed–release tablet is the generic equivalent of Noxafil Delayed-release tablets, 100 mg. The latter is manufactured by Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.


Posaconazole Delayed-release tablets

A major indication of Posaconazole is the prophylaxis of invasive Aspergillus and Candida infections in immunocompromised patients. These patients are at a high risk of developing infections. They include hematopoietic stem cell transplant ( HSCT ) recipients with graft – versus – host disease ( GVHD ).  Apart from these patients, others who need this drug are those with hematological malignancies together with prolonged neutropenia as a result of chemotherapy.

As per IQVIA[4] MAT[5], Posaconazole delayed-release tablets had an annual estimated sales of over USD[6] 186 million in the US. This sales value was obtained based on the data obtained till December 2020.

About Lupin Pharma

Lupin Limited is one of the largest generic pharmaceutical companies by revenue globally. It is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company based in Mumbai. The company started its operation in 1968 and among the top 5 pharma players in India today. The company’s key therapeutic segments include Diabetology, Cardiovascular treatments, Pediatrics, Anti-infectives, Respiratory, and Anti-tuberculosis.

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Abbreviation :

  • 1. Abbreviated New Drug Application
  •  2. United States Food and Drug Administration
  •  3. United States
  • 4. Formerly Quintiles and IMS Health Inc.
  • 5. Moving Annual Total
  • 6. United States Dollar

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