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JCR Pharma plans to expand production

JCR Pharma to build a new plant to expand production of the bulk substances needed for the COVID – 19 vaccine :

On 4 March 2021, JCR Pharmaceutical Co announced its decision to build a new manufacturing plant in Japan. This plant was being designed to enhance the production of the ingredients needed for the COVID -19 vaccine.

JCR Pharma to build a new

JCR Pharma, Daiichi Sankyo Co, and other Japanese partners currently produce the COVID -19 vaccine. The vaccine that is being manufactured is the one produced by the collaboration of AstraZeneca and Oxford University. The company submitted the documentation to the domestic regulators on 5 February 2021 to approve this vaccine. At present, the Japanese government has ordered around 120 million doses of the vaccine.

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JCR Pharma: The Background Story

In December 2020, this pharma company signed a contract to manufacture substances needed for the AstraZeneca vaccine. However, the condition of the government grant led to the company requiring another facility. [2]

This grant was for reinforcing the vaccine production capability of the country through 2030.

JCR Pharma will build this new plant in Kobe city, Western Japan. The construction will shortly begin in July 2021 and end by October 2022. The company will spend around 11.6 billion yen (USD 108.28 million) on this project.

Since the AstraZeneca vaccine doses will be made in the country, it is a crucial part of Japan’s inoculation plan. Another reason for this is the storage temperature of the vaccine. In contrast to this vaccine, Pfizer’s vaccine demands ultra–cold temperature for storage, making it difficult to store.

JCR Pharma to build a new

The COVID – 19 inoculation campaign began in February 2021 in Japan. The vaccination began with Pfizer’s vaccine, as it was the first to be approved by the regulators. However, these doses are imported from the European factories and hence are in short supply. It is also being speculated that Moderna will file for its vaccine by 5 March 2021, with Takeda Pharmaceutical Co’s help (the Japanese partner of Moderna).

Abbreviation: 1. United States Dollar

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