Biocon and Libbs Collaboration

Biocon and Libbs Collaboration in Brazil

Biocon Pharma and Libbs Farmaceutica collaborate to launch generic drugs in Brazil :

Biocon Pharma is a wholly–owned subsidiary of Biocon. This pharma has recently entered into a partnership with Libbs Farmaceutica. The latter is a leading pharmaceutical company in Brazil. This partnership motive is to assist Biocon in the launch of generic drugs in Brazil.

Biocon and Libbs Collaboration pave the way for the entry of Biocon’s generic formulations into Latin America. Earlier in 2017, this drug firm associated with Libbs to launch a biosimilar called Trastuzumab in Brazil. The partnership helps to establish a strong global presence for Biocon’s formulation portfolio. This allows the company to fulfill its motto of ensuring worldwide access to affordable healthcare.

The out-licensing deal with Libbs clearly separates the work to be performed by both partners. Per this, Biocon will be responsible for drug development and manufacturing. Libbs, however, will utilize its reach and deep expertise to assist in other tasks. Biocon and Libbs Collaboration include the importation, distribution, and marketing of drugs in Brazil. Approval of the generic drugs from the Brazilian health regulatory agency, ANVISA[1], is another responsibility of Libbs.

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Abbreviation: 1. The National Health Surveillance Agency

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