IQVIA- The Human Data Science Company

Brief Profile:

Quintiles and IMS Health, Inc. is an American multinational leading organization. It provides integrated information and technology–enabled healthcare data services worldwide. It is one of the world’s largest Contract Research organizations founded in 1982 by Dennis Gillings in North Carolina. Initially, it was called Quintiles Transnational. After a $17.6 billion merger with IMS Health, it became Quintiles and IMS Health, Inc. in 2016. In 2017, the company adopted a new name of “IQVIA” and changed its symbol on the NYSE from “Q” to “IQV.” Today, IQVIA is The Human Data Science Company. Read more about Market Research vs. Marketing Research- Pharma Viewpoint


  • It offers healthcare services through three segments in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and the Asia – Pacific. The three segments are Commercial Solutions, Research & Development Solutions, and Integrated Engagement Services.
  • It broadly focuses on biopharmaceutical development and commercial outsourcing services, especially concerning the phase I to IV clinical trials and associated laboratory, analytical, and consulting services.
  • Commercial solutions refer to the country–level performance metrics related to pharmaceutical products’ sales, prescribing trends, medical treatment, and promotional activity across various life science companies.
  • The company also provides a reference database of over 9 million healthcare professionals and 680,000 healthcare organizations called “Onekey.” This provides real–world insights and various cloud–based applications and related implementation services that improve sales and marketing results.
  • This company also provides project management and clinical monitoring, clinical trial support, strategic planning, design services, and clinical trial, genomic and bioanalytical laboratory services to various biopharmaceutical companies.
  • IQVIA also offers healthcare provider and patient engagement services, scientific strategy, and medical affairs services.

IQVIA- Contact details

  • You can send queries to the company by filling the form that opens after selecting the “Contact Us” pop–up box on the official website – 
  • The other method- U.S Toll – Free only number – +1 866 267 4479. For international calls, the toll–free number can be located from the toll–free list on the website.
  • Media inquiries and IQVIA institute inquiries- submit the separate forms in the contact us form provided on the website.

Other Relevant Information:

  • As of 2019, the total assets are the US $ 233.251 billion approximated.
  • Based in Durham, North Carolina, this company has employed more than 70,000 people in over 100 countries to make a positive difference in global healthcare.

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