Tetracaine Eye Drop- Indications and side effects

Category of DrugAn Ophthalmological Preparations drug
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Mechanism of ActionTetracaine functions primarily via blockade of intracellular sodium channels. 
Indications Short-acting local anesthesia of cornea and conjunctiva
Well Known
Pharmaceutical Brands
combinations of Lidocaine and tetracaine by Ajanta Pharma
1. Viveta
2. Tetralid
Available dosage forms DROPS
Minims® Tetracaine Hydrochloride 0.5% w/v and 1% w/v, Eye Drops, Solution
1. Short term anesthesia: 1-2 gtt into affected eye just prior to evaluation
2. Minor surgical procedure: 1-2 gtt into affected eye q5-10min
Contraindications1. Hypersensitivity to ester-type local anaesthetics
2. Eye inflammation or infection
Precautions1. Avoid prolonged use
2. Protect eye from dust and bacterial contamination until sensation fully restored
3. Not to be applied on the highly vascular surface
4. Pregnancy
Adverse Effects 1. Burning
2. Stinging
3. Redness
4. Allergic reactions
5. Twitching
6. Nystagmus
7. Numbness of tongue
8. Convulsions
Pregnancy Category C


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