Niclosamide- Drug Detail Profile

Category of DrugNiclosamide is an Anti-Infectives
Mechanism of Action 
Indications Niclosamide is used for
1. Taenia saginata
2. T. solium
3. Hymenolepis nana
and Diphyllobothrium latum infections.
Well Known
Pharmaceutical Brands
Available dosage forms TABLETS
Contraindications 1. Hypersensitivity
2. Purgative must be given after two h to clear bowel since ova in dead segments are not cleared without purgative.
3. Infection may recur if purgative is not given.
Precautions1. Chronic constipation
2. Give antisemitic before treatment
3. Not effective against larval worms
4. Pregnancy
Adverse Effects1. Nausea
2. Retching
3. Abdominal pain
4. Lightheadedness
5. Pruritus
6. Anorexia
7. Emesis
8. Perianal itching
Pregnancy Category B

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