Bisacodyl- Drug Detail Profile

Category of DrugBisacodyl is an Antidiarrhoeals and Laxatives drug
Mechanism of Action 
Indications Bisacodyl is used for
1. Constipation
Well Known
Pharmaceutical Brands
Available dosage forms 1. TABLETS
Contraindications 1. Intestinal obstruction
2. Acute surgical abdominal conditions
3. Acute inflammatory bowel disease
4.severe dehydration
5. faecal impaction
6. chronic use
Precautions 1. Excessive use of stimulant laxatives can
cause diarrhoea and related effects such
as hypokalaemia
2. Prolonged use may be justifiable in some circumstances
3. Don’t give antacid within 1 hour
4. Pregnancy
5. Inflammatory bowel disease
6. Pre-existing heart disease or bowel disease
7. Interactions
Adverse Effects 1. Tablets- griping
2. Suppositories-local irritation
3. Fainting
4. Dizziness
5. Soreness in the anal region due to suppository leakage
6. Abdominal discomfort
7. Electrolyte imbalance
Pregnancy Category B

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