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VAV Lifesciences: mRNA – based vaccine supply chain

VAV Lifesciences to supply Pfizer and Moderna the Crucial ingredient for mRNA – based COVID – 19 vaccines

Mumbai – based VAV Lifesciences is the only domestic firm that produces phospholipids and lecithins. A phospholipid is a crucial ingredient of the mRNA[1] – based COVID – 19 vaccines.

Recently, this company has signed an agreement with American contract development and manufacturing firm. This agreement dealt with the supply of phospholipids to the American firm. The American firm involved in this deal makes vaccines for multinational pharma giants like Pfizer and Moderna. What is an API or Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient?

Owing to this deal, VAV Lifesciences 4 has become a part of the COVID – 19 vaccine supply chain. This has also helped the company to play a vital role in the global mRNA – based vaccine supply chain.

About VAV Lipids

VAV Lipids, a subsidiary of this company, will execute this deal as it has agreed with the American firm. Per this agreement, VAV Lipids will manufacture and supply the synthetic phospholipids needed for the COVID – 19 vaccines.

The US firm will utilize these lipids to make gene – based lipid nanoparticles for Pfizer – BioNTech and Moderna.

VAV Lifesciences has already initiated the commercial supply of lipids for the large–scale manufacturing of vaccines. The company carried out this action in its EU[2] cGMP[3] certified facility run by VAV Lipids in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra.

Synthetic phospholipids are used in the formulation of lipid nanoparticles. These nanoparticles are very tiny lipid particles enclosing submicroscopic mRNA strands. They can effectively deliver the mRNA to target cellular sites and help them bind to relevant cells.

The Managing Director of VAV Lifesciences added that each order volume was approximately 250 kg. This is roughly estimated to be around Rs. 50 lakhs.                  

Abbreviation :

  • 1. Messenger Ribonucleic acid
  • 2. European Union
  • 3. Current Good Manufacturing Practices

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