Pharma News – 16 August

Pharma News – 16 August 2020

Atrimed Pharma receives ICMR’s approval for the clinical trials its plant-based Covid-19 drugs

Pharma News – 16 August: Atrimed Pharma is a Bengaluru-based pharmaceutical company. This drug firm mainly focuses on the development of phytopharmaceuticals and plant-based medications.

Pharma News – 16 August

It had recently received the ICMR’s[1] approval for conducting clinical trials on three of its phytomolecules. The company has claimed that these molecules have the ability to produce effective Covid-19 treatment. Though ten molecules were sent to the ICMR, only three cleared the tests. The drug firm plans to market them as oral medicines post the successful completion of the trial.

The CEO[2] of the company has been ecstatic over this news. He further added that the molecules have been ready for the trials since March 2020 and ensured that the trials will begin at the earliest.

Abbreviation : 1. Indian Council of Medical Research

2. Chief Executive officer

Britain reserves potential vaccines being developed by Johnson & Johnson and Novovax Inc.

Pharma News – 16 August: Britain has been actively reserving potential Covid-19 vaccines from different drugmakers across the globe. Until now, this country has secured around six vaccine deals. The latest companies to enter into a vaccine deal with Britain are Johnson & Johnson and Novovax. This announcement was made public on 15 August 2020.

Pharma News – 16 August

Per the data from the established deals, it is being speculated that around 340 million doses of the vaccine are currently reserved. These vaccines are to be administered to the entire population of Britain that is roughly estimated to be 66 million. The total number of vaccine secured is expected to increase by a few more millions.

Both the vaccines from Johnson & Johnson and Novovax will be delivered by the middle of 2021. These are to be administered to priority groups immediately after its arrival. This group includes frontline health and social care workers, ethnic minorities, elderly and adults with serious diseases.

Johnson & Johnson has claimed that its Janssen Pharmaceutica unit will supply around 30 million doses of its vaccine initially to Britain. This will be done on a non-profit basis keeping in mind the current pandemic situation. This vaccine candidate that is developed by Johnson & Johnson is called Ad26.CoV.S. It has further added that another 22 million doses can be additionally purchased as per the advance purchase agreement.

Novovax has also announced that as per its deal, Britain would be buying around 60 million doses of its vaccine candidate, NVX-CoV2373. A portion of the vaccine will be produced by using the Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies facilities. This is located in Stockton-on-Tees, northern England.

Johnson & Johnson has also collaborated with the British government for the global phase III trials to evaluate the two-dose regimen of its vaccine. This trial will run parallel to the phase III single-dose trial of the same Covid-19 vaccine.

Britain has also announced that it will work together with Novovax for a late stage British-based trial.

It is to be noted that around 20 Covid-19 vaccines are currently undergoing clinical trials. The results of all these trials are awaited by several countries across the globe.

Aurobindo Pharma gears up to begin the phase I, II trials of its vaccine by the end of 2020

Pharma News – 16 August: Aurobindo Pharma plans to commence the initial phases of its Covid-19 vaccine by the end of 2020. This vaccine candidate is being developed by Profectus Biosciences Inc. in the United States. This company was acquired by Auro Vaccines LLC, a subsidiary of Aurobindo Pharma.

This vaccine was evaluated by BIRAC[1] and following its clearance, it was funded for the initial development.

The production of this vaccine will take place in two phases of capacity. The first set produced will be a part of the phase I and phase II clinical trials. The company plans to manufacture this set by October 2020. This is to ensure that the trials begin by the end of 2020.

The second set is expected to be manufactured by March 2020 to April 2020. This will be the commercial facility and will be utilized for the phase III trials. This phase is expected to commence soon after the second set has been produced.

Aurobindo Pharma has earned around USD[2] 150 -200 million towards capex during the current fiscal year (2020).

Abbreviation :  1. Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council, Department of BioTechnology.

2.United States Dollar

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