Health OK tablets

Mankind Pharma launchES ‘Health OK’ tablets

Mankind Pharma expands its OTC portfolio by  launching ‘Health OK’ tablets :

Mankind Pharma has been actively expanding its OTC[1] range of products these days. Recently, this pharma company incorporated a new product called ‘Health OK’ tablets under its OTC portfolio. This is a multivitamin tablet and food supplement.

The company claimed that ‘Health OK’ has over 20 multivitamins and minerals and vitamin C, D, and zinc. This tablet also contains ginseng and taurine to maintain energy. This multivitamin and mineral tablet helps the patient to deal with modern lifestyle problems. It also assists in improving overall health and building immunity.

The company has also roped in two Bollywood actors for the promotion of this product. These are Anil Kapoor and Ranveer Singh.

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Abbreviation: 1. Over – the – counter

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