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Brief Description-

  • Address of the college: Chitrakut, Uttar Pradesh 209621
  • Mobile – 9450521314 , 8765862412, 9452422348,9454222835
  • Email – avadhpharmacy@gmail.com
  • Courses provided: D. Pharm
  • Sanctioned intake of students– 60
  • Chairman-
  • Name of the Principal- MR. KRANTI KUMAR BAJPAI
  • Course Fees:
  • Placement details and highlights: The vision of the college is to produce competent pharmacists full filling the future needs of Society, Industry, Academics, and Research. The college is having a highly accomplished faculty from industry and academics. The college is having UG programs in Pharmaceutical Sciences. The college owns a Traning & Placement Cell at its campus for the better well-being of its students. The college gives so many facilities to its students like the laboratories are equipped with modern equipment and amenities to provide a practical touch in learning for its students.
  • Approvals: AICTE & PCI

Faculty Details

1-MR. KRANTI KUMAR BAJPAI- Principal/Director- M.Pharm

2 MS. NEHA- Reader/Senior Lecturer- B.Pharm

3 MR. VIJAYKANT- Lecturer- B.Pharm

4 MR.BABLU ANAND- Lecturer- B Pharm

5- MR.DHEERAJ KUMAR- Lecturer- B Pharm

6- MR.ASHWANI RASTOGI- Lecturer B Pharm

7- MRS. EKTA DUBEY- Lecturer- B Pharm

8- MR. PRATEEK CHANDRA- Lecturer- B Pharm

Why should a prospective student select this Institute?

Infrastructure Facilities provided

Labs, Library, Canteen, Playground, Transport, WiFi, Classrooms, Washrooms

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