Levocetirizine- Drug Detail Profile

Category of DrugLevocetirizine is Anallergics and Drugs used in Anaphylaxis 
Mechanism of Action 
Indications Levocetirizine is used for
1. Allergic Rhinitis
2. Chronic urticaria
Well Known
Pharmaceutical Brands
Available dosage forms 1. TABLETS
Contraindications1.  Hypersensitivity
2. End-stage renal disease with creatinine clearance < 10 ml/min.
3. Not recommended for lactating mothers or
children below 6 months.
Precautions 1. May impair the ability to drive or operate
2. Concurrent use of alcohol or CNS depressant drugs should be avoided,
3. Pregnancy
4. Elderly
5. Interactions
Adverse Effects 1. Somnolence
2. Fatigue
3. Dry mouth
4. Nasopharyngitis has been reported in adults.
5. Fever
6. Cough
7. Epistaxis and diarrhoea may
occur in children <12 years.
Pregnancy Category B

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