Chloramphenicol- Drug Detail Profile

Category of Drug Chloramphenicol is an Anti-Infective drug
Mechanism of Action 
Indications Chloramphenicol is used for
1. Severe life-threatening infections
2. Cerebral abscess
3. Mastoiditis
4. Relapsing fever
5. Gangrene
6. Granuloma
7. Inguinal
8. Listeriosis
9. Severe melioidosis
Well Known
Pharmaceutical Brands
Available dosage forms1. CAPSULE
Contraindications 1. Pregnancy
2. Porphyria
3. Blood dyscrasias
4. preexisting bone marrow
5. Depression
6. Hypersensitivity
7. patients receiving radiation therapy.
Precautions1. Avoid repeated courses and prolonged
2. Reduce dose in hepatic impairment
and severe renal impairment
3. Blood counts required before and during
4. monitor plasma concentrations
in neonates
5. Lactation
6. Overgrowth of non-susceptible
the organism may occur
7. Interactions
Adverse Effects1. Bone marrow depression-reversible and
irreversible aplastic anaemia
2. Anaemia, leukopenia and
3. Nocturnal haemoglobinuria
4. Peripheral neuritis and optic neuritis
5. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, dry mouth,
stomas, glossitis
6. Headache, depression
7. Hypersensitivity
8. Grey baby syndrome may follow excessive
doses in neonates with immature hepatic
metabolism; also reported in infants born
to mothers treated in late pregnancy
9. Ocular irritation
10. Angioneurotic edema.
Pregnancy Category C

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